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Jose Andres Foods Bonito
White Tuna in Olive Oil - Fishing is the lifeblood of the port of Bermeo in northern Spain, where tuna from the crisp waters of the Cantabrian Sea is known as Bonito del Norte (literally 'Northern Beauty'). Fished in season using traditional methods and cooked immediately, this meaty loin is packed in olive oil to seal in flavor and heart-healthy nutrients so you can enjoy it any time. I love it mixed with my homemade mayo for a salad, on a piece of crusty bread or with sliced cucumber. By La Pescadora.
Jose Andres Foods Clams, 5.3oz
Spanish Clams - When done right, they add the perfect flavor and texture. These clams will make you a believer. Harvested by hand along the Galician coast, in the sandy inlets known as the "Rias," these whole plump, fresh clams are quickly cooked in fresh sea water to preserve them naturally. Hand-selected and packed with love, these clams, rich in iron, are perfect on their own with a squeeze of lemon or as an astonishing addition to your favorite recipe. Taste, you'll see! By Los Peperetes.
Jose Andres Foods Galician Style Mussels, 5.3oz
Galician style mussels - Crafted by my friends at Los Peperestes, true artisans of the seafood of Galicia, these mussels are prepared all naturally, using only the most pristine, plump shellfish. Served in the traditional style of Galicia with a simple sauce of olive oil, red pepper, onion and tomato, this is a favorite treat for my family. Cooked in small batches to maintain their flavor, you can warm them in their sauce and serve with crusty bread or as an easy meal with pasta, rice or potatoes
Jose Andres Foods Mussels in Escabeche, 5.3oz
You cannot know Spain without savoring this iconic tapa. These mussels in 'escabeche' are crafted by artisans who specialize in the seafood of Galicia. The mussels come from the region's rocky shores, harvested in the traditional way and carefully cooked and shelled by hand to bring you the plumpest, most perfect mussels. Prepared in an 'escabeche' sauce, a classic marinade of olive oil, vinegar, paprika, salt, bay leaves, pepper and cloves, these mussels are easily enjoyed with a bottle of good wine for an any time party. By Los Peperetes.
Jose Andres Foods Razor Clams, 5.3oz
Razor Clams - These razor clams are brought to you with love: courageous divers brave the seas of the rocky Galician coastline to collect these jewels by hand. Naturally prepared in saltwater and hand-selected for premium quality, these unique clams are a true taste of Spain. A simple squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of fresh herbs, and you're ready to serve. When is the last time you tried something so new and exciting? By Los Peperetes.
Jose Andres Foods Sardines in Olive Oil, 5.3oz
Sardines in olive oil - These sardines will change your life forever! And you'll never feel the same about this simple fish. Only a few boats in the world continue this age-old sardine fishing tradition of Galicia. The ocean life here gives the fish its rich flavor, and the quick natural preparation with olive oil guarantees a firm flesh perfect for creating special dishes. Packed with good oils like omega-3, these filets make a perfect tapa just by topping a piece of grilled bread. By Los Peperetes.
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